Use Case Canvas - Template

An application that provides the structure for you to fill in with your use case details.

Import Password Dem0nstr@t1on
How to Import Click Here


The application is configured using:

Block Description
Text Text to display the details
Indicator To visually indicate the digital twin type
Image Various images are used from teh small icons to the three main images

Steps to Import

1. Import the Application

  • Assign Access to others as required
  • The application template is configured with three pages
    • Landing Page - The main page for all the details
    • Periodic Table - There is a link to the periodic table from the Digital Twin ConsortiumĀ® on this page
    • Architectural Diagram - This page can be omitted if not required
  • Edit the application content
  • Save the application
  • Publish the application
MIT License For assistance or requests, please contact